Hello, knife enthusiast

I’m Nick. Welcome to my site. This is where I display some handmade knives I’ve created in my home work shop in West Fargo, ND.

3 thoughts on “Hello, knife enthusiast”

    1. Hey Sean
      Thanks for checking in. At this time I’m not a true bladesmith as I don’t do any actual forging. My work is primarily stock removal of factory steel along with refurbishing “mystery steel” like turning old blades into usable knives and restoring, machetes, hatchets, hammers etc.

      1. Hey Nick could you give me a holler my number is 701 367 0425. I just got a dagger from Etowah valley knives. In 8710 high carbon with black diamond richlite with red micarta pins. Beautiful, but I didn’t take a couple of things into consideration like no jumping, the handle is a bit slimmer than I’d like. If you can do upgrades or would be up for a trade its a gorgeous knife. But if you could help me fix it and upgrade that works too. My email is seanrichardson226@gmail.com
        Cell is 701-367-0425
        Thanks alot!!!

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